Growth & Recovery is known in the community for its skilled and dedicated psychotherapists.

We offer in-person individual, couples, family, group psychotherapies and wellness classes.

We serve children, teens, and adults who are seeking treatment for a wide range of behavioral or emotional concerns, substance abuse, relationship issues, and life transitions.

Our clinicians bring a wide variety of training and experience backgrounds, specialties, additional certifications, different treatment approaches and methods–all allowing clients to choose what feels like the best match for their unique needs and goals.

Sasha Bartunek

Sasha Bartunek, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Trauma Specialist

Known for her warmth, caring, and passion for her work, Sasha sees children, teens and adults with trauma histories, mood or personality disorders, grief, anxiety, and more. She is EMDR-certified and offers this service to clients of all ages. Extensively trained in multiple evidence-based modalities, she serves individuals, couples & families. Qualified Supervisor.

Linda Berkowitz

Linda Berkowitz, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Linda treats children, teens, and adults seeking to address depression, anxiety, fears, school or behavior problems, trauma, grief, relationship conflicts, personality disorders, caregiver stress, and chronic health issues. With expertise in psychoanalytic and play therapy methods, Linda accepts both insurance and private pay arrangements. Qualified Supervisor.

Nichole Williams

Alaina Bishop, BS
Master’s Program Clinical Student Intern

Alaina joins us through 12/2023 while completing her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. With a special interest in working with clients 12+ addressing depression, anxiety, and low self esteem, her fee is only $25/session. She has worked previously at Rogers Behavioral Health and TMS Advantage and is well-versed in CBT, DBT, and ERP interventions.

Robert Evanko

Richard Ehrhardt, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Down-to-earth, with a sense of humor, and not at all “stuffy,” Rich works with teens & adults in individual and family therapy. His specialty areas include: addictions, depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, and general men’s issues. Rich has “been there” with his own recovery process and is able to uniquely support clients from this place of humility and profound compassion.

Robert Evanko

Robert Evanko, PhD, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

A gifted therapist with more than 30 years in the field, Rob sees teens & adults for individual, couples, and family therapy. His specialties: men’s issues, relationships, depression, anxiety, ADHD, anger, grief, divorce recovery, job stress, and more. Rob incorporates a Christian faith based approach whenever requested. Accepts both insurance and private pay. Qualified Supervisor.

Kelly Glass, MSW, PSW

Kelly Glass, MSW, PSW
Provisional Social Worker

Bringing a broad range of experience and clinical knowledge, Kelly treats ages 4 through senior adults in individual, family, and group therapies. Frequently incorporating creative approaches, Kelly is fondly known as an “outside of the box” clinician. Specialties include: childhood behavior issues, ADHD, ODD, anger, grief, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, autism, self-harm, life transitions & more.

Jessica Judd

Jessica Judd, MS, NCC
Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern
National Certified Counselor

Jessica sees teens & adults with a primary specialty in maternal mental health, to include prenatal and postnatal issues, difficulty conceiving, miscarriage, single-parenting, being a new mom. Additional specialties: trauma, mood disorders, and anxiety. LGBTQ+ affirming therapist. As a pre-licensed professional, Jessica offers discounted private pay rates only.

Mia Mikesell

Mia Mikesell, MS
Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Mia works with women age 15+ both individually and in couples therapy. Her specialties include: grief, depression, anxiety, stress, self esteem, relationships, and life transitions. Mia incorporates a Christian faith based approach whenever requested to include Prepare/Enrich for couples. As a pre-licensed professional, Mia offers discounted private pay rates only.

Ashley Parson

Ashley Parson, MSW
Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern

Ashley offers individual therapy for clients 16+ addressing anxiety, depression, family conflict, self-esteem, codependency, stress resilience, ADHD, and Autism. With a focus on empowering her clients, Ashley selects modalities based on the unique goals of her clients. LGBTQ affirming. As a pre-licensed professional, Ashley offers discounted private pay rates only.

Alison Preloznik

Alison Preloznik, CMH 
Certified Master Hypnotist

Alison offers hypnosis sessions specializing in: relationship enhancement, grief, anxiety, trauma, self confidence, habit control, fears/phobias, and more. Special emphasis on active duty military/veterans and their family members.

Claire Schweighofer, LMHC

Claire Schweighofer, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

With 40 years in the field, Claire is skilled in addressing a wide range of client concerns. At Growth & Recovery, she offers individual therapy for all ages specializing in bereavement, anxiety, stress reduction, codependency, and caregiver support. In addition to CBT, DBT, and person-centered therapies, she frequently incorporates relaxation & mindfulness techniques from Tai Chi and Yoga.

Nichole Williams

Nicole “Nikki” Williams, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Nikki sees ages 7+ addressing anxiety, OCD, low self-esteem, ADHD, relationships, and life transitions, with a special heart for helping high school and college athletes. Bringing empathy and warmth to each session, along with respectful humor, Nikki blends approaches to include CBT, Exposure & Response Prevention, Therapeutic Art & Play, Mindfulness, and more.

Additional Services Available

(Please note: The following clinicians are independent practitioners who rent office space at our location. While they are not affiliated with Growth & Recovery, they too are highly skilled and talented professionals. They can be contacted for initial appointments through our main line. Each is private pay only unless otherwise specified.)

Andrea Dolgin

Andrea Dolgin, LCSW, JD
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Andrea offers individual therapy for teens & adults addressing eating disorders, trauma, mood disorders, anxiety, grief, relationships, and life changes. Andrea’s warm & eclectic approach includes person-centered, strength-based, and psychoanalytic methods. Member of the International Assoc. of Eating Disorder Professionals. Prior to becoming a therapist, she was a practicing attorney and continues to be a member of The Florida Bar.

Nicole Guincho

Nicole Guincho, LMHC, CAP
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Certified Addictions Professional

In the mental health field for almost 20 years, Nicole treats adults who are addressing addiction, grief, trauma, depression, and anxiety. She combines both CBT and solution-focused therapies to help clients improve their ability to manage difficult life stresses. She is also certified in A.R.T. (Accelerated Resolution Therapy), an approach used in the treatment of PTSD.

Brooke James

Brooke Eggimann, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Trauma Specialist

Having worked 20 years in VA hospitals, Brooke helps individual adult clients resolve painful reactions to traumatic events using primarily EMDR, PE (Prolonged Exposure Therapy), and CBT. Methods also helpful for clients who feel “unable to get past” a disturbing life event or who have trauma-related panic, fears, or phobias. When requested, Brooke incorporates a Christian faith-based approach into sessions.

Christine Pringle

Christine Pringle, LMHC, MCAP
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Masters Certified Addictions Counselor

Christine sees individuals (age 15+), couples, and families addressing: addictions, self-esteem, relationship issues, mood disorders, anger, grief, trauma, and stress. She blends CBT, solution-focused, mindfulness, and psychoeducation tools–plus humor, believing laughter at times can be the best therapy! Also a qualified supervisor for registered interns. Accepts Aetna, Cigna, UBH, and private pay.

Mary-Ann Zigouris

Mary Ann Zigouris, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

For more than 25 years, Mary Ann has been providing individual and couples psychotherapy for older adolescents and adults. Her specialties include: women’s issues, depression, anxiety, trauma, relationships, and emotional eating. An LGBTQ+ affirming therapist. With Saturday office hours, she accepts Cigna, Medicare, UBH, and private pay arrangements.

Christian Counseling Available

At Growth & Recovery Counseling, therapists who are Christian are available to anyone who believes it is important to incorporate his or her faith into treatment.

Growth & Recovery Counseling

Shame dies when stories are told in safe spaces.

Shame dies when stories are told in safe spaces.

-Ann Voskamp