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Groups & Classes

We offer a range of therapy groups for teens and adults in the Tampa Bay area.
No matter the topic, group members consistently tell us that the one thing that helped them most . . . was simply to sit & talk with others "who really got it."

Body Image Telehealth Group: "Constructed Identities."  Therapists have long known that the image we have of our bodies, like other aspects of our identity, is constructed throughout our lives & experiences. In this group we will focus on ways to "reconstruct" the body identity into something more satisfying. We constantly recreate our online presence. Why not look at how we do this internally in how we look at ourselves & feel about our bodies? Led by Madeline Altabe, PhD on Thursday evenings starting March 22. $36 per session. Please note this group meets online only.

Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food. Join eating disorders specialist, Joy Davis, LCSW, CEDS for 8 sessions as you learn concrete & specific tools to end emotional eating & begin creating a healthier relationship with food. What is "normal" eating? What keeps you motivated? How do you distinguish emotional from physiological hunger? What are your triggers & what are some coping alternatives to food? How can you interrupt and/or prevent a binge? What can you learn from your craved foods about what you truly hunger for in life? AND MORE. $35/session or package for $200.  Sundays from 4 - 5 p.m. starting January 21, 2018. Prescreening may be required.

DBT Skills Group for Teens. Ongoing & open group for adolescents struggling with emotion regulation issues, depression, daily life stressors, suicidality, and self-injuring/risk-taking behaviors.  Participants will learn concrete coping skills to enhance quality of life and cultivate a life worth living. $45 per week. Free prescreening required. Led by Tara Stewart, LMHC, Certified DBT therapist. Sundays from 12 - 1:30.

Eating in the Light of the Moon. 15-session discussion, art, music, and activity therapy group based on Dr. Anita Johnston's book of the same title. Explore Johnston's collection of myths and fairy tales to better understand the "coded" language behind your eating disorder symptoms.  Learn te necessary tools for recovery. See your challenges with food as symbolic of deeper hungers. Develop the skills to truly nourish yourSELF. Recognize & honor the wisdom of the body. Find & use your voice in significant relationships. AND MORE! Book must be purchased separately. $45/session, insurance accepted. Led by Joy Davis, LCSW, CEDS. Spring, 2018.

Eating Disorders Support Group. PEER-FACILITATED group for teens and adults who are ready to move forward in their recovery from an eating disorder. Group is free however a 30-minute prescreening & orientation session with one of our ED specialists is required before attending group (also currently free).  Meets Sunday evenings at the Trinity Medical Center.

The Gifts of Imperfection: A Book Study & Activity Group. Based on the work of author Brene Brown.  Morning timeslot starting this Spring. Co-led by Joy Davis, LCSW, CEDS and Gabby Lafond, MSW clinical student intern. $15/session. Book must be purchased separately.  Not covered by insurance.

All groups require pre-registration as seating is limited. Give us a call to discuss your interest.  You may be asked to come in for an initial screening for some groups.  This will allow you to meet the group leader beforehand, ask questions and discuss your personal goals for group.

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